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Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete is similar to sanding a hardwood floor. Instead of a grain of sand, our company uses diamond grains. At each stage, we use a diamond grain that is more and more finer to obtain a more glossy surface.

Concrete floor Polishing


We are one of the few companies that work with the water polishing technique, it provides a more transparent aspect with more depth, and offers as well a more durable finish. Most companies work with the dry polishing technique because it requires less expertise. U.S. manufacturers of polishing equipment have developed this technique to train polishing businesses and expand their market. True professionals use the water polishing technique.
The sludge generated by water polishing is recovered in a 45 gallon container, to then be recycled by a specialized company in the field. The recycling company is able to issue a certificate of compliance when requested by the customer.

Benefits of concrete polishing:

  • Provides a harder surface and shinier aspect giving it a wet look.
  • Reduces almost 100% of the dust produced by the concrete slab.
  • Easy to clean because dirt does not penetrate the substrate.
  • Resistant to tire marks and impacts.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Removes small dents in the floor as well as imperfections, thereby facilitating cart circulation.
  • Provides a better lit environment - polishing increasing the refraction of light by 30%.
  • Ability to add color to be even more attractive.
  • No waiting period for the use of the floor.
  • Lower cost than other flooring.
  • No V.O.C. emanation.
Floor Polishing
Concrete polishing can be done on a new concrete surface (having minimally completed its 28 day cure) or an already existing surface. All concrete surfaces are porous, and the polishing then transforms it into compact concrete making the surface incredibly bright (similar to granite). The polishing technique in question closes the pores of the concrete, therefore preventing dust accumulation. The surface becomes harder, more resistant to abrasive substances, waterproof and also easier to clean.
The method employed by Béton LC reaches full maturity after a few months so that the combination of chemical and mechanical action will give you the final result. In addition, it is important to note that the reaction in question is not visible to the naked eye, it is active within the surface. This method can also be applied to terrazzos and other natural stones, such as granite and marble.
Another significant advantage of this method is that it is an economic choice on the long-term since it replaces changing the flooring periodically and perpetually, and saves on expensive cleaning products. One application of our lithium based products does the job for a minimum of ten years.
Our technique offers several options depending on your needs. We can prepare the surface only, make a base for the polishing or apply a decorative polish on the concrete surface of your choice.

Surface Preparation:

This service consists of the required mechanical preparation of the floor to make it ready for polishing. The work is done in two steps. First, we proceed with the removal of the existing flooring surface (epoxy coating), glue or carpet tiles, a rest cure product or product maintenance (wax for example). Then, we perform the repair of cracks and/or holes in the surface to be polished. Costs can vary depending on the preparation required.

Polishing Base:

Our basic polishing system consists of the application of a product containing lithium on the surface to be polished, a product known to be good for the environment, in combination with a mechanical polishing. This polishing will then give you a floor harder, abrasive resistant, easy to clean and dust free. In addition, the permeability can be increased with the application of an impregnator specifically designed to make your soil more resistant.

Decorative polishing:

This service is for decorative purposes only. It uses the same method as the basic polishing and it offers the same benefits, but this method offers a floor with a beautiful shine without the application of a wax or any other product of the same kind. Your surface will not peel and will not change in appearance as it will be an integral part of the floor.
Our concrete polishing is the permanent aesthetic and economic solution to the problems in your flooring. It is safe for the environment and furthermore, the specialized equipment used by our company eliminates dust during construction.
This system is also odorless and without VOC, it is even possible to move on the surface a few minutes after the end of the process. Finally, we offer a 10 year limited warranty on the lithium treatment. For all your preparation needs and/or concrete polishing (decorative or otherwise), Béton LC will meet your needs.
Béton LC
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