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In business for over twenty years, Béton LC's mission is to help you discover the benefits of polished concrete. You are looking for a floor that is both durable and easy to maintain, in addition to having a distinguished look for your property in the industrial or commercial sector?

At Béton LC, we firmly believe that polished concrete is the solution to all your flooring needs. This solution is offered at very affordable prices that will meet your expectations, whether it is for the installation in a new construction or for the refurbishment of an old concrete floor.

Béton LC
We are one of the few companies that work with the water polishing technique which provides a more transparent and sustainable aspect. Most companies working with a dry polishing technique. In our experience, the water polishing technique gives a more constant result and offers more depth. True professionals use the water polishing technique.
For the respect of our planet, we recover the sludge generated by water polishing in a 45 gallon container, to then be recycled by a specialized company in the field. The recycling company is able to issue a certificate of compliance when requested by the customer.

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For over twenty years, our company operates in the field of structural concrete surfaces and floor coverings. Over the years, Denis Dugal, founder of Béton LC, has developed a recognized expertise in the field of concrete refurbishment and the polishing of natural stone, terrazzo and concrete floors.

Our expertise and professionalism imply that the quest for innovation and new technologies in this field are the foundation of our company policy. All of our certified employees are trained to guarantee a meticulous and efficient service in all the projects undertaken by our company. Whether it is for polishing, refurbishing your concrete floor or any other service offered by our Béton LC, you can be assured of results that respect the highest quality standards in the industry.

To correct inequalities in concrete slabs, excessive dust in warehouses or any other problem of appearance and cleanliness, our team of experts is able to help you. Today, following the development of our treatment system and polishing IMPAKT FLOOR SYSTEM ™, we are a spearhead in the field.

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