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The Nano Lithium slab treatment can make a surface more resistant and more durable. The range of PENTRA ™ products offers various solutions regarding your industrial floors, making them easier to clean and maintain. In addition, through this process, they present a more pleasing appearance and are more healthy for years to come.

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The product range PENTRA ™:

PENTRA-SIL™ 244+ Application: All concrete (heavy traffic), manufacturing centers, factories, warehouses and marine facilities (port, sea, coastline).
Benefits: Currently on the market, this is the only product containing lithium that can stop the alkali-silica reaction. It also contains a shield stopping all salt ions at a 90% ratio, justifying its application for tunnels and road bridges
CLOSING of the micro capillaries of the slab to make it stronger and resistant to abrasion.
PERMANENT: Only one application is necessary. Does not cause membrane peeling over time as epoxy paints do.
EASY MAINTENANCE: No need for wax and reduces dirt accumulation.
Application: All concrete (medium traffic), warehouses and distribution centers.
Benefits: Increases the density of the concrete to thereby reduce porosity.
Strengthens the surface of the slab to make it stronger, and resistant to abrasion, and reduces dust accumulation on the screed layer.

Why lithium?

  • The alkalinity and viscosity are very low compared to those made of sodium and potassium.
  • Both of these features increase the penetration into the screed layer.
  • Not soluble in water, it can be used outdoors as opposed to sodium.

What is the chemical reaction generated by PENTRA ™?

Reacting with the calcium cement, a indissoluble silicate structure is formed, creating a very stable molecular complex (tri-calcium silicate, lithium). This molecule will then clog the capillaries and thus eliminate any moisture in the screed.
When this phenomenon occurs, a non-negligible pressure can then occur in the substrate, thereby causing cracks and pressure that will accelerate the deterioration of the concrete slab and the surface. Several years of research have shown that only ions of lithium are able to stop the RAS.
Does PENTRA ™ stop the alkali-silica reaction (RAS)?
Yes: alkali + silicates + moisture = RAS
Is PENTRA ™ COMPATIBLE with the environment?
Yes, all PENTRA ™ products are water-based, solvent-free and non-corrosive.


Some additional information on Nano Lithium:
  • The viscosity of Nano-Lithium is very close to that of water; it will therfore penetrate deep into micro pores.
  • Increases abrasion resistance by increasing the lifespan of your floor.
  • Insoluble and non-expansive - will not absorb water and will not develop any sudation (SSF).
  • Chemically reacts with the concrete to develop a tri-insoluble calcium hydrate, making concrete harder and less permeable.
  • Does not peel and does not scratch.
  • Reduces the spread of dust to provide a cleaner surface and make the environment healthier.
  • A single layer application- no need to wash with water or special cleaning.
  • Can be applied over old concrete slabs or freshly poured ones.
  • Contains no sodium salts or potassium that may contribute to quick-crack the surface, causing efflorescence or produce a RAS reaction on the surface.
  • Develops a brightness (surface brightness), which makes the appearance of the surface more enjoyable and also more resistant to heavy traffic. In addition, it will retain its aesthetic over the years.
  • Requires no wax and immediately develops a durable natural shine, under normal conditions of use and with proper maintenance.
  • Green product: water-based, contains no solvents, low odor. Containing a very low V.O.C.
  • Develops a permanent, harder and impermeable surface that is resistant to aggression and strain.
  • Can be used as an excellent sealant and is compatible with most adhesive glues for tiles and carpet.
  • Makes your floor easier to clean and creates an environment which is less susceptible to bacterial growth.
  • Prevents efflorescence and sudation.
  • Approved by USDA for food contact.
  • Unlike other types of protection, lithium treatment is permanent.
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